Upcoming Events


Race, Law, and Citizenship Seminar with Professor Kathleen Cleaver

Oct 5, 2016 - Oct 12, 2016

This seminar invites Professor Kathleen Cleaver to campus to discuss Race and Law, and its progression from 1960’s to today. The seminar explores issues of rights through the lens of American legal history in the arena of citizenship, race, and democracy. The seminar begins in the 19th century with Crandall v. Connecticut, a case where a progressive state Supreme Court judgment was powerless against the anger of a local mob, and ends in the Civil Rights Movement, and will include a screening of a specially selected film on race and colonialism.  

Professor Cleaver, a world-renowned legal scholar and an early founder and leader of the Black Panther Movement has not only exceptional knowledge, but also extraordinary firsthand experience in the field of civil rights. Taught in the broader context of the upcoming 2016 presidential elections, this seminar affords students timely consideration of the recurrent themes in American legal and political history. 

Campus-Wide Black Out in Response to Recent Police Shootings

Sept 26, 2016

On Monday, September 26th, the Black Law Students Association and the Racial Justice Coalition, in conjunction with the Ross School of Business, invited students to wear all black in peaceful engagement to show our remorse and awareness for the people whose lives have been cut tragically short by unjust law enforcement practices.